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Fuji 2.5 Gallon Pressure Pot #5470
Needs an air compressor to pressurize.
Hoses sold separetly

#5486 6' air/fluid hose $34.90

A combo hose with the air and fluid hose hooked together.

#5487 25' air/fluid hose $84.90

To use the 2.5 gallon pressure pot with a turbine spray gun the air outlet on the pot needs to be capped off, (the turbine will provide the air to the spray gun)

Fuji 2 Quart Pressure Pot #5432
Works off turbine air pressure to pressurize pot (4 or 5 stage turbine recommended). Requires whip hose for use. Please indicate if you are ordering this for a Gxpc spray gun so that you can be supplied with a free swivel fitting kit.

2 Quart Cup Only w/hoses and Fittings

If you already have an air compressor to power this cup it will work great with any Fuji system. Only needs about 10 lb of pressure to operate on. Comes with all necessary fittings, ships free with system purchase. (Not recommended for use with lacquer or lacquer thinner).


#5436 Gasket for 2 quart Pressure Pot

#5435-3 Pressure Tube/Check valves for #5435 2 Qt. Fuji Pressure Pot.


Swivel "L" fitting for using a Fuji GT-X2 and Gxpc Gravity Spray Guns with a Pressure Pot (Not needed with the T75G Spray Gun), comes supplied with above pressure pot kits.

Includes an 8010 air plug


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